About Us

Automotive sales and marketing executive Stan Sher who brings 11 years of automotive retail experience founded Dealer eTraining.  Stan was a solid 18-25 unit per month sales consultant before becoming a sales manager.  He has had success building Internet sales and BDC departments all over the nation.  In fact, Stan helped build a brand new Nissan dealership called “Teddy Nissan” in a down market with new owners taking the store from 30 units per month to over 225 per month.  The story was published in Digital Dealer and Auto Success magazines shortly after he left to become a national dealer trainer.  It was in that dealership that he realized the true potential for maximizing the phone.  The dealership started a BDC department from the ground up that was doing over 90 units per month alone within the first 9 months in existence.

By partnering up with some of the best marketing partners in the industry as well as employing an industry leading call monitoring solution, Stan was able to manage every call opportunity in the dealership by providing constant training through out the dealership to improve on every weak point that was noticed.

After 8 years in retail, Stan decided that it was time to go out and help dealerships realize their true potential with their automotive internet sales training, marketing, and business development center operations.  Stan Sher has become a widely respected automotive retail operations expert.  He is a frequent speaker and trainer for numerous dealer associations including, The Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA), NJCar, New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association (NHADA), and others.  He has also been a top rated presenter at the following automotive industry events:

Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan

Digital Marketing Strategies Conference


Internet Sales 20 Group (Original Co-Founder)

Innovative Dealer Summit

He has also presented webinars for KPA and Dealers Edge.

Stan Sher can be contacted at (732)925-8362 or emailed at [email protected]