A little bit about Automotive Phone Training

Automotive Phone Training the premier automotive sales recruiting and training division of Dealer eTraining. Dealer eTraining was founded in 2010 due to the ever growing need of quality training for automotive sales and business development center executives. Our founder, Stan Sher brings over 11 years of real automotive dealership and training experience. As automotive dealerships are about to evolve in the new millennium there is a recognized need for quality recruiting and training services.

We understand that you can choose one of many recruiting and training firms out there but that does not always mean that your dealership is getting the best value. Dealer eTraining has created a very unique sales training curriculum that is different from what other automotive sales training companies offer. In today’s digital age, automotive sales professionals need to be empowered with a more then just the traditional “Road to the Sale” model. The most effective automotive sales professionals need to learn how to effectively brand themselves and start prospecting for customers the right way. We have taken the traditional automotive sales process and infused it with some of the most powerful automotive digital marketing strategies for the front line automotive sales professional. The result of the powerful combination is what we call the FTCS or “Forward Thinking
Consultative Selling” process.

The automotive sales professional is in business for themselves after being provided the proper tools. While the dealership makes large investments in advertising and driving traffic it is still important for the automotive sales professional to develop a loyal book of business. Effective automotive sales professionals will potentially sell over 25 units per month using our system.

The Dealer eTraining FTCS process is effective with all sales and management styles at dealerships.



We are dedicated to the success of your dealership and your people. Our passion equals your success. We welcome all inquires and messages and generally respond almost immediately or before the end of the day.