The biggest question that dealers have is if they need to build a business development center or not. This is very important because time and time again dealers are making drastic changes with BDC operations since it is difficult to gauge performance and justify the investment. If you are considering building a BDC then you need to read this page carefully to see if it is something that you need. As a matter of fact, building a setting up a BDC can be very costly, a cost that will justify itself over time.

We at Dealer eTraining believe that a BDC should be based on a few important factors:

-Marketing/Advertising (Lead Generation)

Let’s face it; if your dealership is generating a large amount of opportunities then there is a need for a BDC department especially if you are looking to have certain functions performed.

On the other hand, there are dealerships that have maintained business effectively by avoiding the BDC and having sales people work proactively through effective management and CRM strategies. Also, smaller dealerships that operate on a budget or just cannot generate a large amount of leads can get away without having a BDC.

To understand if you need a BDC or not you need to consider what you are trying to accomplish. Here are the typical functions of a BDC:

-Internet Sales
-Incoming Sales Calls
-Unsold Showroom Follow up
-Equity Mining
-Lease Retention
-Service Follow Up

You may find that you need a BDC only to do one, some, or all of the processes that we just outlined. There are many ways that dealerships create this department. In fact over the years, there has been every variation possible tried. Dealer eTraining can create a custom blueprint for your dealership’s success.

Our services range from dealer operations assessment to building a department from the ground up. We also provide automotive bdc training and coaching services to dealerships with established BDC departments. We even have partners that specialize in human resources to help hire the right people for your store.

Pricing: Contact us to learn about the services that Dealer eTraining can do for your dealership regarding the BDC.