The BDC Bible is a one of kind automotive bdc training manual that takes automotive phone training and business development center operations to the next level. In this training manual we dive into various topics that include:

Understanding the Automotive Industry

  • How the Phone and Internet became important for dealerships
  • Dealership Roles

BDC Department Structure

  • Single Person Operation vs. Multiple Person Operations

Internet Sales Department Structure

  • Internet Sales vs. Sales BDC (Internet Leads)

Word Selection

  • Understand why we say certain things
  • Executing proper action to gain an appropriate reaction from the prospect
  • Gathering information
  • Setting the appointment

Handling Objections

  • Numerous Objection Handling Scenarios
  • Leverage Technology to Overcome Objections

Internet Sales Process

  • Phone Scripts (Outbound/Inbound/Voice Mail)
  • Email Process
  • Video Marketing

Incoming Sales Calls

  • Phone Scripts
  • Follow Up Process

Unsold Showroom Follow Up

  • Phone Scripts
  • Email Process

Lease Maturity Follow Up

  • Phone Scripts
  • Email Process
  • CRM Setup

Service to Sales Process

  • Phone Process
  • Email Process


  • Learn to leverage digital tools to attract business
  • Learn basic prospecting methods

Call Monitoring Strategies

  • How to pick a call monitoring solutions
  • How to manage call monitoring and your calls
  • Manage 3rd party calls (AutoTrader/

CRM Strategies

  • Recommended CRM Processes
  • Keep the CRM clean and functional



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