Dealer eTraining is the solutions.

If you or your BDC/Sales Manager sits down and listens to sales calls to get an idea of how the people at your dealership are performing. That is a great start. But, do you ever review these calls “one on one” with the call handler to train them skills to improve on? Chances are too much is going on at the dealership and no one has the time to do automotive phone sales training.

Dealer eTraining has a call coaching service that works hand in hand with your call monitoring solution. We will download a call, listen to the call, provide notes, and even a video with training tips on how to handle this call better. While a lot of other phone-training partners offer a similar service we take pride in the fact that we are one of the rare few training companies in the automotive industries that is staffed by real world automotive professionals. A person that has been in your shoes and can effectively handle a real customer will be the one coaching your call instead of a random hire that is coached a basic script. Dealers constantly complain about the coaching other companies give them because it feels like a scripted robot is reviewing the call. Everything is personalized with us.

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