Outbound Internet Sales Follow Up

Dealer eTraining will train your Internet sales department on how to properly answer Internet leads with proper verbiage. The goal is to convert the call into an appointment. We use urgency-building tactics to create excitement in the presentation. Our proven training auto sales phone training methods will bring results.

Internet Sales Voice Mail

Let’s face it; most out bound calls result in leaving a voice message. The problem is that the average call handler will leave a typical boring message. They will sit back and complain why the customer does not call back. Dealer eTraining will help you fix that problem.

Inbound Sales Calls

We at Dealer eTraining look down on automotive sales calls that mishandled. It is a fact that the majority of call handlers never ask for information (name, phone, email) and an appointment. Call handlers many times do not know their inventory or are unaware of how to build value. We dive into basics and will train the right way to handle incoming phone calls.

Unsold Follow Up

Picture this, you had 50 ups come in through the door last Saturday and your dealership only sold 20 units. What do you do with these remaining 30 hot prospects? How do you follow up with them? Dealer eTraining will arm your team processes and word tracks so that you never miss an opportunity again. Start to create more Be-Backs in your dealership with powerful follow up.

Campaign Inbound Calls

So your dealership has just put out a mailer. Is your team ready to tackle the questions and concerns from all opportunities calling the dealership? Most dealerships put out mailers and advertisements without communicating it properly and wonder why the mailer fails. Dealer eTraining works excellently with call monitoring solutions to pinpoint weaknesses that need to be improved. In fact, we will work with your marketing vendor and create a plan of success for each individual campaign that you do. Your people need to be prepared so that you can make those deals happen.

Early Termination Calls

It is very common when business is slow for sales management to print out a lease loyalty lease, hand them to sales consultants, and tell them to go make automotive sales calls. What we know at Dealer eTraining is that these calls will only be as effective as the guidance that is given to the sales staff. We will prepare a strategy for your dealership that includes proper phone etiquette and CRM follow up.

Equity Opportunities Calls

There are many schools of thought as to how a dealership can drive repeat sales business through service. In fact, there are programs that assist dealerships in converting service to sales opportunities. However, sometimes the process lacks proper phone skills. Dealer eTraining can help create a process to tailor to your dealership.

Service/Parts Calls

Nothing is more aggravating to a business owner then when they hear their service calls not being handled properly. It is a fact that most services calls end with the customer saying, “I will call you back”. But the question is “how often does that customer call back?” Our focus is on securing appointments and not missing opportunities. Dealer eTraining takes this very seriously.



We are dedicated to the success of your dealership and your people. Our passion equals your success. We welcome all inquires and messages and generally respond almost immediately or before the end of the day.